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Please contact: Ms. Agnes Lendvai

Here are some information about the hostel fee. Incoming students are requested to pay the hostel fee in advance for the entire semester.

The price for a double room is 45.000.- HUF/month, for a single room it is 55.000.- month.

You can transfer only in Forints (HUF), because it is important that we receive the exact HUF amount at the University account. In cases of underpayment, the remaining amount will be paid upon arrival at the hostel. One should also remember to add the transfer fee as well to the amount needed. Please note that the hostel fee is non-refundable! Should you arrive earlier or leave later than the actual semester period (1st  September – 31st January – 1st February – 30th June) you need to pay extra 2000.- HUF/night/person.

The hostel fee needs to be transferred to Szent Istvan Egyetem's account at Magyar Államkincstár

Account number: 10032000 - 00282826 - 00000000

IBAN: HU68 10032000 - 00282826 - 00000000 

In the announcement, please, write it as follows:

KOLL. DIJ  80T020201

student’s first and last names

country’s name

Please dont’t forget to pay for the transaction separately so that the necessery amount arrives to the Hostel safely. You need to retain and send the copy of the accomodation fee transfer confirmation by email as it will be needed for us to be able to identify the money when it arrives.

To make sure of the fines of violations, you have to pay 10.000.- HUF as a deposit after you arrived in the hostel, in cash.


Your are kindly requested to send us an email few days prior to your actual arrival as a reminder to make sure that you will certainly come to our Hostel in Gödöllő.

Ceepus application form

If there is a problem with the Internet in the dorm to write a letter to the