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Student application

It is our pleasure to provide you with information about SZIU Hostel, Gödöllő. Very importantly, once you receive acceptance to Szent István University and wish to stay at our Hostel you need to apply for the accommodation as well - separately. Your application becomes valid only if you send it to one of our Student Coordinator. Please also note that due to the huge overdemand, the Dormitory maintains its rooms only for Students, so if you wish to arrive with your family, you have to find an accomodation other than the Dormitory. We kindly ask for your understanding.

According to the scholarship you have, please, select the appropriate one to learn more about the Application Procedure. After finding the Application Form, please, fill it in and send it back to the Contact Person given. If your application is accepted and we have vacant place to offer you we will prepare and email you the Reservation Confirmation for the visa process.

Unfortunately, at present we do not have any single rooms available, only double rooms.

The procedure of Registration:

  • After you arrive to the Reception you will get an envelope with your key, entrance card, ‘Moving in form’ and the Hostel rules and contract.
  • Then you have to check your room by the ‘Moving in form’ and tick next to each statement if they are correct or add something that is not. Then read the Hostel Rules. Please fill in both Student Lease Agreement and bring them back to office B/43 when coming to register on the next workday between 8:00 a.m. and 15:30 p.m.
  • Please bring 2 photos (passport photo size, 3,5x4,5cm).

Information about the furnishing of the hostel and a list of things you need to take care of:

  1. You need to take care of your supplies like:
    • Bathroom supplies: towel, cosmetics, toilet paper, hair dryer….
    • Kitchen supplies: plates, glasses, cutlery, cooking pot…
    • Cleaning supplies and detergent
    • Internet cable (no wifi in the room)
  2. Information about the furnishing of the hostel room:
    • All rooms/apartements have a bathroom with toilet and shower
    • Bed (We provide bed sheet and bed linens. The cleaning ladies change the bed linens in every 2 weeks.)
    • Chair, table, fridge, wardrobe, shelves


If there is a problem with the Internet in the dorm to write a letter to the