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The Gödöllő Hostel of Szent István University is set in the splendid environment of the ancient Szent István University surrounded by trees and greenery. The Hostel consists of seven buildings, which allows nearly 1700 students to be accommodated. Our Hostel offers places to stay not only for students but for guests as well.

As for the summer time, along with these rooms for guests, the remaining rooms of the hostel can be obtained for housing. One can choose from a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom-, or even 2x2 or 8x1 bedroom apartment. For those looking for a cheaper accommodation, we can offer conventional, retro-style rooms in Building C or G. If you are looking for somewhere comfortable and affordable the best place to try is Building A, B, D, E, F with newly renovated, modern rooms and apartments with shared showers/toilet. Whether you arrive to our Hostel alone or in groups you will sure be able to find an adequate solution for your needs.

The Central Building of our Hostel has five Conference Halls. These are perfectly suitable for company meetings, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, courses or weddings.

Gödöllő is well serviced by train and coach from Budapest and can also be reached by car easily with free parking lots nearby. Due to the excellent location of our Hostel, it is quite easy and fast to reach the city centre and the main attractions of Gödöllő.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Gödöllő Hostel of Szent István University!

If there is a problem with the Internet in the dorm to write a letter to the